The wild horse provides an outstanding model for the barefoot trim and natural horse care. A growing awareness over the past decade has led horse owners to transition their horses to a healthier and more natural lifestyle that includes providing natural hoof care, grain free diets and 24/7 turnout.

New Directions in Equine Hoof & Health Care

Iron horse shoes were invented during the Middle Ages in Europe to help keep hooves from rotting as knights horses stood in slop-filled tie stalls for months on end while castles were under siege.  At that time, the invention of the horseshoe served a useful purpose and an adequate solution to unfortunate living conditions.  The study of equine anatomy did not exist at the time and therefore there was no true understanding of the damage that was being done to the horse. Today, we know better and there's plenty of research to back it up.  This is a new era with continuously unfolding in natural horse care and I am proud to be a part of it as a specialist in the barefoot hoof trim.

Going natural..."barefoot"'s a hard concept to accept if you've always put shoes on your horse or if the new horse you've acquired is already shod.  However, it may not be that difficult of a decision if you find your horse is lame.  Sometimes those serious situations force us to find a better way. Perhaps you've already made the decision to be natural with your horses.  Whatever your situation is, I am here to help you.


Joe Lyford's Natural Hoof Care

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