Restoring Balance

Our goal is to restore balance to the body, hoof and mind of the horse.  Many horse owners that contact us are in trouble.  Their horse is lame and they don't know where to turn.  Others are searching for a better way.  And a handful truly understand the value of a healthy hoof and are looking for a farrier that specializes in the barefoot trim.  Whatever your situation is, we want to help you.  We respect that talents of others in the hoof care field. We also understand the fact that you may want to trim your own horses eventually and we are happy to show you how.  We are offering our services because of our love of the horse.

An initial phone conversation will help us to understand your situation.  Together we can determine the best way to proceed.  My wife Amy Lyford is my partner in my hoof Trimming Practice and is an essential part of the process.  She assists me in every aspect including scheduling, assessments, trims, ermergency calls, boot fitting and casting.  Additionally, she is invaluable as an extra set of eyes and is accomplished in natural horsemanship.

We offer the following services:

1.  Consultation by Phone

2.  Physical Assessment at your Farm

3.  Hay Testing and Feed Analysis

4.  Bootfitting for transitioning horses from metal shoes

5.  Barefoot Trimming for Maintenance

6.  Treatment of Laminitis, Founder and Navicular Disease

7.  Casting


Joe Lyford's Natural Hoof Care

Serving Western New York & the Southern Tier to help horses live a more natural life